The Twilight Saga

omg, ok many of u may or may not care but, man! this is kinda funny:D
so i was watching this show called , extra on abc.they were showing clips of the new moon premiere and i couldn't believe it! kellen, who plays emmet almost didn't get into the after party. somehow the security taught he was some type of fan, and man! he looked pissed! so i guess he turned around and let the fans know they wouldn't let him in. so the fans started yelling let him in! i tought that was sweet of the fans, to have his back like that:) so then, he got in.
i just can't believe how crazy this is getting!
comment if u like or not. i just wanted, to share:)

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I saw that, too. What would they do without us fans!! :)
very true ^_^


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