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I know this might be a little boring, but I have a question for the book from the reading group, and I just want to know your opinion about this.  But I will give my opinion after I read about yours, and we don't have to do this every time; but my question from the reading group guide is this:


9. Bella and Jacob become fast friends, and while Bella needs him emotionally, she also discovers that being with Jacob helps her hear Edward's voice again. Has Jake been able to help her heal or does he stand in the way, even without knowing? What will become of their relationship? Will being a sworn enemy to her and Edward affect that?

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I believe Bella would heal better IF Jacob would not help her to bike or hike. She already started to show interest about her everydays life, about  Mike, Angela and Jessica but activities with Jacob made her fall in her phantasies and she got alienated from schoolmates again.


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