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I don't know if I'm overreacting. I just find that the look of Edward in new Moon movie is somehow different from the one in Twilight. He look more boyish and (i think)more handsome in Twilight than in New Moon. Do you notice the difference? Tell me if you think that. THX

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omg, I thought that too. There's a difference....definetely....I love him in Twilight
Yeah, it seems his hair was shorter and he was less pale. I love his look in Twilight
Most of the characters look different. Different director and bigger budget. So alot of things were changed.
Edward isn't suppose to change look. Is he? i don't like the change...
I love boyish edward xD
uh, i never thought of that, but now that i look closely he doesn't look boyish in new moon but hey i still love my Edward
yep,I like him but not that much in Twilight...I love his boyish look
who doesn't
Yeah, his face was less pale and his lips are rather red.
He looks more like a man on the second one. But he is gorgious on both pictures.
He still good looking but edward was 17! How can he be a man!
Agree xD. He look exactly like edward in Twilight.


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