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which would you choose and why? Is it cos you have traits of either... You know anger problems? Or pale and mysterious?
I d say i was part of a coven.. I am certainly pale i ve been told my eyes get dark when i m in a strop ;) (and of course i m the future mrs edward cullen) ha ha

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i just wanna say thanks so much for commenting on here i love everyones views x
its too hard i love wolves and the vampires so yea idk but if i had to chose i belong in a coven!
with the pack i love being with my friends and i loves werewolves an dogs :)
coven cuz vampires rock
of course im a coven person, wolves are not particularly my style.
Dear Gemma,
Excellent question. And you have already had four pages of participation.
I always use to be a lone wolf sort. But now that I live with three ferocious boston terriers I have become a pac guy.
Your friend,
Doc B
i also have traits of both but i'd probably be in a coven. I'm paler than most of my friends and i have a short temper (which i have been able to control somehow).


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