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which would you choose and why? Is it cos you have traits of either... You know anger problems? Or pale and mysterious?
I d say i was part of a coven.. I am certainly pale i ve been told my eyes get dark when i m in a strop ;) (and of course i m the future mrs edward cullen) ha ha

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a coven cause i am not a wolve person
wow thats so far so great!!!
a coven because I hate pushy,oboxious moronic werewolves. And I am meant to be with Edward. He's my soulmate.
Coven for family is preferable. Don't like fleas, nope, no wolfies here....and I don't like my men running 108 degrees, I am already hot enough....and I do like sparkle....being a vamp would save me some cash on bling...

i love your answers guys they re brill :) nice to see most think same why too
This is so anoying!!! Nobody on here is team Jacob. Besides im his soulmate. we r totally alike, In EVERY way.
Im seriusly in a Pack. I love hanging with my friends and I loved wolfs b4 twilight came out.
chick if u look at it this way... more jacob for you :)
For me, a coven. I brood and overthink everything! Cool question! I could definitely run in a pack now and then, but I'm drawn more to the coven for sure.Your pic is beautiful!
thanks... and thanks for the replies guys
Hey also, quit wolf hating guys!!! Wolves are beautiful and fierce, and they have their place here! Be good :-P. Remember, our wolves and covens run together in Twilightworld, they love and need eachother, even when they don't like it!


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