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i think he has the right to be harsh on her he is her dad and was totally scared when she went missing for three days how could he trust Edward after he left Bella and hurt her so much...
Thats so true though!
i personally dont think so coz well he was being a parent! and he was the one who saw everything that happened to bell awhen he left and he cud c the pain his daughter was it and i guess he wudnt forgive edward for putting bella through all that =]
yeah i agree with this person. parents know wat best for you event though they get on your nerves lol . although if i was bella i would have given edward hell fo what he had put me trough and her father charlie.
imho i think that he was being a little harsh. I mean, its not Edwards falt! I understand why he was worried but i think he was being harsh.'s a dad and bella's crazy for going after him..she doesnt tell him anything so y should it be charlie's fault..
I dont think he was Bella was a total mess he was so worried about her then when she started hanging with Jacob he finally thinks she is ok and when Edward comes back he worries he will leave again and she will be even more destroyed!
hell no... she was gone for 3 days!!! and bella is so immature and selfish... everytime she gets in trouble with Charlie, she just rants on like: "Fine, can i pack my bags, or shalli just leave???" rah rah rah nd all that crap... lol how annoying is bella!!!??? arrg, yep i'm team charlie... ROFLMAO...

ily xoxo
PEace XD


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