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I think Charlie wants to protect Bella. Bella was devastated when Edward left and if he came back it would only cause Bella more hurt and devastation. Parents can be harsh sometimes but all in all want the best for their children. Even if they are grown.
yeah you're right..Charlie was still Bella's dad,He has the right to worry about his teenager daughter wandering somewhere and gone for 3 days..and its true,every parent want nothing for their children but the best..:).
yes I agree. Another reason is that Charlie would probably be more happy with Bella dating Jacob. IF STUPID JACOB DIDN'T BUT IN NOTHING WOULD'VE HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie was just trying to protect Bella from more hurt and pain. But I wonder if maybe deep down Charlie had some resentment of Edward coming back due to Jacob. It seems like Charlie would've been happy if Bella were with Jacob.
Yes, I think he was...
Esp. since she is an adult...
I mean he could have been a little nicer about it, she's living under his roof, but the curfew every night, the way he treated Edward and tried to push her towards Jacob... That was soooo wrong!!!
Yes, i think he was because he just didn't wanted Bella to be sad again...=)
He wanted to protect her...And that's sweet, but he must know that Edward will saty and Bella is happy when Edward ir right beside ger=))
yeah kind of
He's just being protective of Bella. He doesn't want the same stuff to happen again.
i dont think he was. i mean, if you were a charlie and had a daughter, and just had some essence of what bella felt for edward, youd be a little cranky when he came back and she accepted him. haha.
Having seen how Bella was nothing but a shell of herself at the being and the screaming at night I expected some resistance towards Edward from Charlie.
I think he just doesnt trust Edward very much and doesnt want him to hurt Bella.
charlie was to strict


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