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Does anyone else notice how "Love Story" by Taylor Swift goes along with a lot of what happens in New Moon?

The more I listened to "Love Story", the more connections I made with it to New Moon. For starters, they talk about Romeo & Juliet in "Love Story" which is what happens in New Moon. In the begining of New Moon, Edward and Bella are sitting on the couch watching Romeo & Juliet, and he tells her that he would have probably killed himself if she died because of James. Also, in "Love Story" Romeo leaves and then comes back in the end. Ahem, New Moon. And finally, at the end of "Live Story" he proposes to her, and at the end of New Moon Edward asks her to marry him. I wasn't sure if I was the only one who noticed this, but I find it very interesting. If you find anymore, please post it.

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she would never burn edwards picture... he took it away before he left
Yeah it does. I was thinking that and didn't think anyone else did, but it fits perfectly!
and her daddy said stay away from juliet...
You now I've noticed that it does kind of fit actually I've noticed that some Taylor Swift songs off the Fearless album can be related to at least one of the Twilight books particularly New Moon I don't know if anyone else noticed but Forever and Always kind of resembles New Moon also the songs White Horse, and Breathe like Shantelle said
I agree with you because as you read New Moon and cmompare it to those songsand you can see that they do go together. but i hope that they have atleast one of Taylor Swift songs especially Love story i love that song.
amm... well i think most of taylor swift's cd relates to twilight to me,,, well actually everything i hear relates to twilight someway.. so i not a good judge
I agree with you there at least one thing in her songs can be related to twilight
i think that it fits b/c edward looks young and bella doesn't know Edward is old.......

thats what i thought
i also thought tear drops on m guitar related to bella when Edward left her... without the guitar....
i thought of twilight every time i heard at least one of Taylor swifts songs...i hope they have one of her songs in new moon because Edward leaves and everything-sobs-
I never realized it until you said something. Now that I have listened to to the song thanks to my daughter who loves the song and the movie, I do see the connection between the two.
i have made remixes to all of taylor swifts songd and a website 4 twilight you can say im a twi-hard or a fanpire


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