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were u happy or sad when edward left.i was happy b/c she got to spend more time with jacob who i think is soooo much better for her than edward.& b/c if edward was her true love he would want her to become a vampire as soon as possible to be with him forever instead of keeping her human and letting her grow old and die as a human.i think he should have stayed gone.

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UUHHH! NO WAY!! the book is kinda boring without edward in it~!
ur crazy!boring!it was anything but!
To me,New Moon was boring(the first time around).After reading it a 2nd time...I started to understand Jacob a bit more..Still disliked him&believe that Edward is still her soulmate...
I agree with that! edward was the real soulmate of bella!
Yea, i agree..
you're right!w/o Edward on it was boring!
i almost got crazy! no way! i was very sad!
i was sad... but i still kinda happy that jacob was more in it than in twilight
well as edwards depart was so sad because he left her in the woods
i was sad and happie... happie b/c more jake time....sad because she loved him
i almost whent crazy
................................. I WAS SOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!! and soooo bored with all the Jacob stuff!.......
No ofense to anyone! :D
edward stinks !
team jacob all the way!


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