The Twilight Saga

whenever i read any twilight books i always end up feelin depressed and upset.
its depressing how kind, sweet and polite edward is.. nd it bums me out tht noo guy can ever possibly be tht nice!
does it bum anyone else out or is it just me?!

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Its Just U
LOL YEP IT DOES....after that seems like no man can ever meet thatstandard ,LOL really is there such a man out there? xoxoLisa xoxo
Same here. My mom has noticed that I am no longer attracted to many of the guys around here. I love guys but none of them that I have met are as polite and sweet as Edward.
yeahh ..
i mean like i love reading em nd they make me happy but whenever edward ses something nice, i wonder if theres a guy out there hu's acctually like that?
it is jsut you
NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!! I SOOOOOOOOO LOVE TO READ THEM... its weird!!!!! i get like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING HAPPY!!!! its like if am down i read one small part of any book and thats that! IM SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY AGAING!!!!! they are like magic for me.... im like WOOOHOOOO
yeah it is like a drug
i agree it is somestimes hard to put any of the books down
i couldn't agree more!!!
yes, like a drug!
see i love twilight and i don think edward is a perfect guy but is a perfect gentle man coz he's 110yrs old and knows how to be with women, at teenage you'll never find a guy like that coz they all are immature and young, they are one in a million but i'm sure that in the future you will find such guys in tons old fashioned perfect gentlemen.. and i love the book makes me feel nice and all dreamy...even want such love...:(
The books are awesome and once I start I can't stop reading them...because its a good story...but Edward isn't real. Its just you.


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