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wouldnt it be great if they put an eclipse trailer with new moon? I think it would just about rock the twilight universe! lol

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i think it would be awesome, but i doubt its gonna happen
so awsome!
it prolly wouldnt happen
i think they should put eclipse trailer with new moon
i think they should after all isnlt eclipse supposed to come out next summer.

they do have a Eclipse Sneak Peek OPic in the New Moon People Magazine.
most likely wouldn't happen, but how cool would that be if it did happen!?!
That would be OMG then we have to wait for............................* Eclipse* ;-(
that would be wicked awesome but they just finished filming the movie today so i highly doubt it
Kathleen, you are right. That would be awesome!!!!!!!!
Dear Kathleen,

A very interesting point. As you know often when ever you read a book which is a serial, the author will have the first 20 or so pages of the next book at the end of his or her book.

So I think that having a trailer would be a great idea.

I wrote Stephanie, after part of Midnight Sun was released on the internet and said “Cheer up it might just turn out to be one of the greatest marketing moves in book selling history.”

We will see when it is released. The problem is since it will easily sell 12,000,000 hard back copies, whose to say if part of “Suns” premature release had a positive or negative effect.
Doc B
they wouldnt show the trailer yet the movie just finished wrapping.the trailer probably wont be out until sometime next year maybe before the movie comes out.


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