The Twilight Saga

what was your reaction seeing Jacob shirtless in The New Moon trailer as he was running after Laurent and transforming into a werewolf?

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HOT AS HELL!!!!!!!!

i was dro0ling all the way!!
I would b 2 but drooling is nasty...(:
He is so not hot.
OMG he is Gorgeous, So BEEFY
all i can say HELLO, break me off a piece of that
Very nice!! lol I cannot wait!!
umm you have to ask he was hot
do I need to say he was hot??has we say in portuguese... BOM COMO TUDO!
I was in love wid it
I thought he looked GREAT! The special effects were
pretty fabulous too. All in all, the wolves are fairing well so far!
He's so hot Those abbs
HOTNESS!!!!!! mmmmm


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