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“New Moon, The Movie” The BIG Question. Bella’s and Jacob’s “Chemistry ?” Introduction: From almost the moment the movie “Twilight“ was released, the big question has been, “Will Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart have enough “chemistry” or mutual physical attraction, to make Jacob appear as a legitimate competitor to Edward for Bella’s love. If you have seen the movie, what is your opinion.
Question: Jacob’s “sex appeal !” What do you think now ? !
Do you feel that the natural “physical attraction” between Stewart (Bella) and Lautner (Jacob) is strong enough to appear as a legitimate competitor to Pattinson (Edward) for Bella’s love ?
As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B

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I agree with you Nafsi, I was very impressed with Jacob. He litteraly realy DID change !!
Dear Tara,
As usual, I couldn't agree more. The truth is I didn't think Jacob (Taylor) could pull it off. I thought that in "Twilight" he was a great guy, but that he was just too young to be a legitimate competitor for Bella's love.

BUT HE DID IT IN SPADES ! And as you insightful observed, it was as if he went through a change in his emotional maturity as dramatic as the one in his physical image. (As a physician people have asked can you physically change your body that much, that fast without using anabolic steroid (testosterone injections) The answer is no you can't. But since 75% of all American high school football players are taking it, you got to do, what you got to do.

Over and over again in interviews Taylor has repeatedly said "I just don't want to fail all of the Jacob fans around the world." Well he sure didn't. To me the key to the whole movie was the change in Jacob. Remember the desperation Kristen expressed when she thought she wasn't going to be able to be with Jacob. It all worked because Taylor had become so believable.


So job well done Taylor. Job well done indeed. Not only did your acting, and the demands you put your body through, make the movie "New Moon," they have already made the movie "Eclipse" as well.

The one thing you won't have to worry about any more is: "Will I fail my wonderful fans!" Trust me you won't.
Get ready to get use to screaming fans. You earned your share, and you did it, fair and square, through hard work.
Dear Tara,
That is so right. Taylor just made the character come alive. It is so interesting how so many sharp people have different feelings about Edward and Jacob. Taylors roll is going to have a ton of people screaming at him now. He is going to need an escort to go any where just like Rob.
An excellent point Maria. I had the feeling that he was even less of a competator in the book.
Thank you for your imput,
Hello Doc,

Ok, i here and i ready to go..

My friend that i went to see the film with, she is now extremely attracted to Jacob and she admits its due to the increase in his physique. I can understand why he has become in all senses a man since the last film. (she is still team Edward though) but for me he has not appeal, yes he hs a great body but his face is still young and sweet and i just dont see an attraction. I do thin that Taylor has absolutley fitted the part now of Jacob and i think they made the right choice to keep him.

Do you feel that the natural “physical attraction” between Stewart (Bella) and Lautner (Jacob) is strong enough to appear as a legitimate competitor to Pattinson (Edward) for Bella’s love ?

Please don't hate me, my answer is no. Even though I really think that Taylor and Kristen have chemistry because you can not deny that at all, but it is that brotherly-sisterly love for me, and i see that through the film compare to the portrayal of Rob and Kristen they don't match and really they are not suppose to. The bit at the begiining when Edward is walking across the lot and Bella is waiting for him, she is looking him up and down with a sly grin and Edward is totally the same, he has that smile and they shout at me with attraction even past their characters but maybe that is just me, it's just the way they touch each other and the way that jacob and Bella or Kristen and Taylor rather, it really is different and i'm not sure they can be compared maybe until the next film.

When I look at the above pictures as well i still see sweet and siblings having fun together. If you get my meaning. Although when jacob and Bella were arguing in the ran he did look kind of nice.

I just really think i'm an Edward girl through and Through, although Twilight would never be the same without jacob and that relationship with him and bella and i think that they will be even better in Eclipse and i think the intensity will really step up betwwen them all as the love triangle gets stronger.

Gem says: “For me he (Jacob) has no appeal, yes he has a great body but his face is still young and sweet and I just don’t see the attraction. Doc very interesting. I can’t study a face without thinking like the plastic surgeon I am. When a boys face matures there are two prominent changes. First the fatty pads in their cheeks thin. And when they do their faces change from their puffy adolescent faces into the more sunken cheek of an adult man. The second thing is that the angle of the jaw sharpens. That is the square portion of the jaw under the ear. The next time that you (or GH,) go to see New Moon try and focus on those two aspects of Jacob’s face. He has been on high doses of testosterone and it does two thing to the body it removes fat and it builds muscle. During the movie you can almost watch Jacobs cheeks sink into his adult face. (He will need to stay on his meds through Breaking Dawn and his “baby fat” characteristics should have totally disappeared by then. Edwards face had already matured even before the start of Twilight. Example look at Jacob cheeks in stills for Twilight vs. New Moon.

Gem, Is (Jacob) strong enough to appear as a legitimate competitor to Pattinson (Edward) for Bella’s love ? Please don't hate me, my answer is no. Doc “We love you for your honesty. I think that that is because you are a fully adult women. Men and women have been “mentally hard wired‘ for over 2 million years to instinctively know when member of the opposite sex are eligible for mating. A woman knows when a male is mature enough to protect her and her offspring and a male knows when a girl can bear children. That’s why adult women are typicaly so much more sensitive about a mans age. (Remember how sensitive Bella is. If it were reversed and Bella was the man and Jacob the girl there won’t even be anything to even think about. And I think that that is why Stephanie made such a big thing out of it in her books even if she wasn’t aware of why she was.

Gem, When Edward is walking across the lot and Bella is waiting for him, she is looking him up and down with a sly grin Doc wonderful observation. Yes Bella knows Edward is VERY eligible as a mate.

Gem: “It shouts at me with attraction even past their characters but maybe that is just me, Doc “ NO its not you at all. Hollywood refers to a woman with sex appeal as an “IT” girl and has for 90 years because millions of adult men instantly pick up on certain findings and women also do every bit as much.

Gem “he has that smile “ Doc WONDERFUL “remember what Buscalia said about how important humor is in maintaining life long relationships. Smiles are very sexy on both men and women.

Gem “When Jacob and Bella were arguing in the ran it was different” Doc, Look at his cheeks and Jaw line in the rain scene, not only is he acting mature he LOOKS mature.

Dear Gem: What wonderful insightful observations.
I wonderful how you would have felt about Shawn Connelly when he was Edwards age?
Well what do you know I just happen to have a picture.


you are totally right Taylor or Jacob face has totally changed the roundness has gone and his jaw line is much more defined and I think in the scene where it is raining it is so much more obvious maybe it's because it's the first time in the film with his short hair which looks better, and his neck is thicken too, we really do experience seeing this boy grown into a man even if it doesn't match his age

Gem x
I agree, The picture above is of 2 men from Great Brittan. You must have it pretty nice over there. Robbie is from England. In America Boys and girls are given meat and milk from cattle given estrogen to enhance the cattles growth rates, and milk production.But Estrogen (unlike Testosterone) is easily absorbed from eating or drinking. So American boys are maturing later now while our girls are maturing at a younger age every year. FYI Doc Some people argue that the fact that American girls now start having their periods 24 months earlier than before when they didn't start wholesale addition of estrogen to their feed is coincidental.

The UK do produce hansome men from time to time:)

Sean Connery now there isa man who for me actually has improved with age! I like him now more than when he was James Bond, that pictureof him is ok, and maybethat says ilike men with hair on there chests too, as Rob has hair..

Ok, saw the film again last night and me and my friend were talking bout your question as i asked her what she thought. we esstablish and i will unwilling agree his sex appeal has stepped up 100% , listening to the girls in the cinema they would mostly agree although there were many team Edwards in there, one boyfriend said to her "woo, am a sparkly vampire" and she replied "you have no idea!" i did giggle to myself!

Anyway back to the point, i realised that Jacob or rather Taylor is more attractive on a side profile than straight on to me personally.

but. i still dont have a reaction to him, i have tried but nothing.. As for The Cullen boys thats a whole other story.

Gem x
Doc ~ and all my White Rose Friends...

You know how I feel about Jacob (Taylor and Jacob have always been very separate to me)
***sigh*** so I am going to need some time to answer this !!)

I need to go catch my breath now...
Dear Susan,
They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Lets look at a pre-pubescent photo of Jacob

Now lets look at his face in Twilight when it was just starting to convert to his mature face.

Now lets look at it from New Moon
p style="text-align: left;">

Now lets look at a fully mature male face. Just randomly drawn from the general populous.

I know the differences are not easy too see but if you look closely I think you will be abel to see the difference.
I think Kristen had chemistry with Taylor, but it came across as more of a brotherly friendship than a true physical passion. And I kinda feel that way about Lautner's Jacob myself--he'd be a good friend, a great brother, but he's just way too young for me. Or for Bella, in my opinion, as she's much more mature than her age suggests and Jake--well, he's just a typical teenage boy. Bella's never really been a teenager in her life.

Now Kristen with Rob--that's a pair that has so much sizzle together, it almost singes you just watching it!


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