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“New Moon, The Movie” The BIG Question. Bella’s and Jacob’s “Chemistry ?” Introduction: From almost the moment the movie “Twilight“ was released, the big question has been, “Will Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart have enough “chemistry” or mutual physical attraction, to make Jacob appear as a legitimate competitor to Edward for Bella’s love. If you have seen the movie, what is your opinion.
Question: Jacob’s “sex appeal !” What do you think now ? !
Do you feel that the natural “physical attraction” between Stewart (Bella) and Lautner (Jacob) is strong enough to appear as a legitimate competitor to Pattinson (Edward) for Bella’s love ?
As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B

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On screen, I think Kristen and Taylor portrayed the natural chemistry that is in their real life relationship. So for me it was very believable that they could be romantically involved.

I think it is a tricky thing to compare chemistry’s and levels of heat…and movie magic between couples.

As I have said before Bella and Edward’s love was an all consuming love. A love born of passion, obsession, possession ….if you will, and the euphoria that comes with first love.

Jacob and Bella's love was born out of friendship, warmth and loyalty...that took root and blossomed over time. What Jacob and Bella had was natural, steady...easy.

I think from the book and movie perspective the attraction between Bella and Jacob was every bit as legitimate…as her attraction for Edward. Jacob is the guy that has been good to you, and there for you forever but one day you wake up as see…that he is indeed beautiful.

What I see in the films is Bella fights her natural attraction to Jacob more than anything. He appeals to her on a sexual level…and she rejects that. She never fights her attraction to Edward be cause in her mind that is who she belongs with.

I love that Jacob is “a man’s man” true to him self and honest to a fault about his love for Bella.
I love that he put Bella’s needs and desires above his own…even when it caused him pain.
I think his raw honest love for Bella is what is most attractive to me. Ok…this took response took almost two years…but here it is.
Thanks Doc.




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