The Twilight Saga

Did anyone see Kellan on Ellan today? After her told about how he came to adopt his dog Kola at a pet shelter, Ellan offered to donate $5,000 dollars to a pet shelter and asked Kullen to take his shirt off before she would donate it. For some reason he seemed to not be able to so she asked him to do some push-ups for the money. MAN!! Did he do some great push-ups! One handed, throwing his legs behind him as he did some! He really put a show on and he got the money!

I'm glad he didn't take his shirt off because this was sooo much more entertaining!!!

Can't wait till Friday to see New Moon!!!!

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Lol! I saw it too! It is was very exciting and entertaining!

That was also funny when he said Kola came to him and put her head between his legs and he said he was like aww yess! Then Ellen was like looking at him. Then he finally realized that what he said did not sound right. He was like Oh I didn't mean it that way!! Hilarious!!!


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