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Nesse and Carlisle denied admission to heaven? As Edward believes! Or Not ?

Introduction: In the novel "New Moon" Bella Swan discusses Edward's beliefs with Carlisle as he tends her injured arm. Bella learns that Edward is convinced that vampiric conversion prevents anyone from ever being allowed to participate in an "after life." (be admitted to heaven) This question is one which is repeatedly raised through out the Saga.

As an act of love Edward lies to Bella and tells her that he is leaving. "My kind is easily distracted," He says Bella, desperate to: "find some way out of this nightmare," tells him,"This is about my soul isn't it. Well you can have it. I don't want it without you!"

Question: Do you agree with Edward that, being vampires prevents Carlisle and Nesse from ever going to heaven ? (And why do you feel that way?)
As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand and enjoy the "Twilight Saga"

Most sincerely,

Doc B
ps As you know we: "disagree often, criticise virtually never." And we positively never criticise a member"s religious beliefs.
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Nicely said :)
I don't think anyone could have said it better. They have worked so hard to change their lives. "I don't want to be a murderer." Edward to Bella (Twilight). I don't think they have to worry about not going heaven.. Its the child molesters that should worry.
I agree with you. The child molesters SHOULD worry! "It would be better for them if they had a mill stone tied round their necks" I read that someplace. Doc
This is only my opinion... I think when someone does something so tragic to someone else that it destroys any opportunity that they have at a life then what ever that person did it should be done to back to he/she at least 12 times fold. I have to work with some kids that tragic things have happened to them and they struggle with it everyday. I believe in karma.... it is something I taught my child along time ago.. when you do nice things nice things happen to you when you do bad things they will come back to you 3 times fold. Now I am stepping off my soap box!
I don't believe it.
I believe in a loving, forgiving, merciful God. And can't imagine either of them being denied. Nessie is a child,a nd God is a great love of children. She did not chose her birth circumstance.
And Edward? How could that lovely obsessive tortured boy not get in? He spends all his time trying to protect Bella and his family. He puts so much thought into their well being. He works hard to stay "blood sober" so to speak. What more could be asked of him.
I think they're both gonna be there, when the time is right, all the Cullens will, even pissy Rosalee LOL!
Dear Robyn,
Beautifully said.
And "BLOOD SOBER" what a wonderful metaphore!! We use to have an award given to the poster with the very best metapore of the day. I will have to look and see if I can find it,
Your friend Doc.
(Found it!).

I agree totally with Stacy. I couldn't have said it better. And Stacey observation about Edward's Torn How True, How True,
Thank you both so much.
Doc B
As “Rose Angel” Tara would say. Beautifully said!!

Our souls are the essence of who we are. Yes beautifully said. Our bodies are just vessels, they are not who we are. I could not agree with you more. Edward may have seen himself as ugly or a monster, but his soul was truely beautiful.
Exactly right Sasaha,
THEY REALLY ARE A GOOD FAMILY !! I agree with you,
Hi Doc,
Question: Do you agree with Edward that, being vampires prevents Carlisle and Nesse from ever going to heaven ? (And why do you feel that way?)

No I do not agree with Edward. Being mortal or immortal, Vampire or human makes no difference to me. What makes the difference is what you do with what you are given with the time you have. All the Cullens try to preserve human life, and in my eyes that counts for something. They don't go around feeding on innocent people. They try to keep the animal population under control. I even think that Edward will go to heaven, even thou for a short time he chose a different life style for his feeding, he chose to be judge, jury and exacutioner for murders,and rapist. But I feel all the good out ways the bad. Not one of them chose to be vampires, with Bella as the exception of course, but they all have done their best with what they have been given. Jasper didn't know any other way till he was showed, but even before he knew of that other choice he had hated what he had become. Bella chose vampirism because she saw it as a sacrafice to save those that she loved, her friends and family both old and new.
For Edward to still believe in heaven and hell proves to me that he still has some faith. Faith in something that is beyond his control. A belief in something that is unknown to him. He has hope.

As always these are just my thoughts, looking forward to everybody else's.
I totally agree, they have been forgiven. No Edward didn't see himself very clearly at all. But neither did Bella that is why they are perfect together. And no matter where they end up it will be heaven for both of them as long as they are together.


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