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Don't you guy's think that Dakota Fanning is going to ruin the movie becasue she's been in so many movies

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How will that ruin it? She's good for the part because she is need a weird actress to play jane!!
ok so mabe i'm wrong see thats what my friends have told me becasue i haven't read the whole book yet i'm only on chapter 15 in new moon
yes i do think Dakota Fanning will ruin new moon movie.Alice I just think that the movie will be better without Dakota Fanning in the movie.

Leandra Ellis have you read all the books yet? becasue i'm still on chapter 15 in new moon so i don't no who this jane character is!!!
no but i don't think she should be jane either.
I have read the book completely. I think that Dakota Fanning playing Jane is going to be hard to see but I think she will do an okay job. It is funny but her complexion is pale like it should be but it will take some getting use too.

Jane is weird and Dakota Fanning has played some weird roles.
i dont think so .. i think that she'll be good in playing as jane .. she looks creepy .. and looks like a kid
yeah kinda i see where ur comming from but on the other hand she's a good actor so u know...
it's fine with me, as long as she plays it right and she's pretty and she's a bit weird especially when she acted in the movie "The Push", i forgot her name there. she was good.

i think she is.


No dakota ROX and i have read all the books 5 times and dakota will be great at jane shes pretty pale already and pretty and a bit child like
Just to echo your sentiment ReRe........

..... and refresh everyones memory of the description of Jane.....face of an angel, child like; ''beatific smile'' to quote NM which means angelic, blissful, serene....she is PERFECT, she is a great young actress and will pull Jane's menace off easily...remember Jane's fearsome quality is her ability to burn you where you stand while looking like a sweet little girl......those red eyes tell a different tale....


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