The Twilight Saga

I am Team Edward but my favourite book is New Moon.

I can't fully understand why ppl think that NM is for team Jacob only!!

NM is all about Edward and Bella.

Does anyone agree with me????

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Absolutely agree.
Phf, I'm defo Team Edward but when it comes to the movies NM is my fave so far. NM is NOT just for Jacob fans.
I dont really choose teams. I guess I would be Team Twilight!! I enjoy the saga and the different elements each charactor brings to it. But the one thing I dont like about NM is the pain and agony that Bella goes through! I have been there and it is not fun!! So it is not that I don't like NM I just like when Bella and Edward are together, and Jacob is the best friend!!
Off course........ New Moon is ALL about their relationship but I really didn't like they were not together :(
Thank you!!!!
Jacobs part: 149 pages fom 563. Less than Edward.
I agree completely.  Jacob is only a focal point for new moon because he is a soothing balm to Bella's heart.  But the book is entirely about Bella and Edward, and the fact that even when she is separated from him, Edward will always be part of her and will take priority in her life. 
Nicely put.

Too bad Summit did not know this.


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