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i think it is when they come home from italy and edward tries to convince her he is not a dream..... how sweet is this pic??? aaaaaaaa :):):) damn.. tired of waiting for november!!
and the poster is great!! like Edward is thinking "Back off!! she is mine and not to be harmed!!"

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I just love the two of them. Look at them, how glorious he looks at her. I sure hope Edward speaks to her more than he did in New Moon, as he does in the book, and as he does in the fanfic's. It will make New Moon perfect, don't you think.
yes yes yes.... i just can't wait anymore...
it a great pic
she's like these vampires on true blood though...crying blood...
i love that pic so cute!
i know me neither!!! :D
actually his hand on bella's back is a bit weird.. the head is ok i think..:P but isn't it great!?
His hand does look kinda creepy... it's not natural, too posed.
aaawwwww xxxxxxxxx
i love them both and great poster
Thank you so much for sharing again. Didn't see the second poster, but is really great too. The way they are clung to each other, It shows that they will never be close enough in an embrace.


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