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New Moon ! The Movie or the Book which did you prefer ?

Introduction: Writing a screen play can be a tough undertaking, because the writer has to try and convert the “fourteen or so hours” of a novel’s story into an hour and a half movie. But movies have the advantage that the observer can actually see the action. ( A picture really can be worth a thousand words) And also the advances in movie technology can now produces some very amazing special effects.

That being said:

Question: “New Moon” Which did you think was better, the movie or the novel?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B

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5- 6hour movie wouldn't that be fun, i can see wat you want seeing the movie ake shape of what you'e already thought about

Gem your observation reminds me of the BBC (British Broadcasting Companies) wonderful 6 hour Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. We can always dream.
well i perfer dha book better ithink its more interestinq && more fun && also sad.
iliked dha movie bt istill think dha book wasz ten times better den dha movie &&most of my friends aqree wit me too.
iwud sooo read dha book aqain &also see the movie (:
I know exactly what ur saying. I feel lik the movie was colder then the book!
Dear doc

I think i would always say the book. Although i think the movie really was brilliant, i think reading the book is so much more intense. I think even though Kristen and Rob did a great job on the break up, there is never going to be the intensity that there is in the book. As we've said before and i've said for that moment you are Bella and you feel what she feels and seeing on the screen although was extremely sad it was not the same, because you are using your own imagination, this will always make things so much more intense and make you feel the raw emotion the characters feel throughout all the books.

One thing i dislike in any film is when things are said in different circumstances than in the book although i am glad to see them in there when they are not said or said the right way it can make me a little aggitated. Like for instance, when Bella saves Edward why could they not hold off on him telling her he lied until she was in the bedroom like the book. I understand that they put the "fight" scene in as it had to be more visual and that was fine, it was good really, but i think the italy scenes were too short.. i looked forward to Bella in the "reception area" and the fliht home the intenseness of bella not wanting to go to sleep and again even thouh Rosalie says it in the vote, i wanted to see Jasper and Alice stare at one another at the airport and Rosalie then saying thank you. In the book for me it just throws you into the family at that airport scene the family love you feel it because you see it from Bella, the parents just relieved to see their son, i love that.

I love in the books how you see the relationships between Bella and the Cullens evolve into more than it was in Twilight, it wasn't just about Edwards choice it was how they all felt about her and even though i think that Carlisle and Bella's scene when he is stitching her up was perfect, that love between them both had become clearer and it's lovely.

I also even though Bella writes to Alice until she turns up they don't enforce the relationship between them, i like how the book does that, but again i really think it is down to your emotions and how thay connect to the book and your imagination. In all the books i have read there is only one or two books i have read where i have prefered the films and i can say this is definatley NOT one of them. Although i think that the cast and crew, did an amazing job and it was near perfect almost:)

Dear Gem,
I know exactly what you mean about the book. Take the meadow scene where Stephanie takes her readers on the wonderful experience as Bella touches Edward's arm. And he says "You can't imagine how that feels" (Well I have a pretty good idea.)

Honey likes " Days of our lives" (I think that is the soap's name) And she listens to it to relax when she first gets home. I walked into the bed room where she was watching it and an older actress addressed her 16 year old sister. "You are too young to understand what real love is like"
"That's not true." the young girl says "I HAVE READ ALL THE TWILIGHT BOOKS, I DO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS LIKE!!! How wonderful.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching vampire diaries. The older vampire brother is sitting there reading a Saga book. "What sort of a vampire is this guy anyway." (He said refering to Edward Cullen) "He lets his girl friend get away with anything"
"Not so." the vampire's paramour says. "You can't understand him because you haven't read the first books yet."
even though i loved the movie the book is just so much more detailed and helps me envision the wonderful love story.
and w/ out the book we all know the movie's wouldn't be so successful
so i would choose the book but i loved the movie as well...
book , the movie did not live up to it
I thought that the book was better. More detailed.
I prefer the book. I think that if they could make a movie with all the details from the book waht it's impossible i'd prefer the movie. But anyway i love the movie and i'll see it again and again like i did with twilight :P
Danny :)
I enjoyed and am enjoying again the book more then the movie.


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