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New Moon ! The Movie or the Book which did you prefer ?

Introduction: Writing a screen play can be a tough undertaking, because the writer has to try and convert the “fourteen or so hours” of a novel’s story into an hour and a half movie. But movies have the advantage that the observer can actually see the action. ( A picture really can be worth a thousand words) And also the advances in movie technology can now produces some very amazing special effects.

That being said:

Question: “New Moon” Which did you think was better, the movie or the novel?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B

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Well I prefer the book just because I love sittin and cracking the book open whereever I may be it just makes me happy and reading it and seein all the things I imagined! Now I have to say New Moon is def the best book to movie film I have ever seen I don't think they could have done a better job I didn't take my eyes off the screen once the acting was amazing!!!! Will def be seeing the movie again!
Im with you 100%

Your right they really got it right and they keep you in your seats thats for sure, but i agree book is still better


I think any fan would agree with you, i said to a friend before they should keep the condensed version put that out for any who just likes te movie and then for us really twihards do everything and if it's 6 hours long I@D STILL SIT THROUGH IT!

Gem x

At the moment it definately seems the book rules as i think with most that is how it is.. But they did a brilliant job right.. I would of liked to see the reunion more too

As much as I love the movie I'd have to say the book was BETTER! because I feel there is so much more,,, everything! and so the book all the way

Your right, there is much o feel reading a book

Gem x
I am in total agreement with you! I understand this book is about Jacob and Bella and there relationship but the best part was the reunion of Edward and Bella! Where was the build up the drama and I was so looking forward to the lines found on pg 511-512. In my opinion there were to many of the Tender, Emotional moments left out!!!!

OME i find myself agreeing with you on the last part what has happened to us? Taylor really brought Jacob forward and your right, the resentment is the fact he is not Edward!

I really agree also with the reunion, it wasnt quite right, i wanted to also see her fightng to stay awake to hold on to the possible last moments with Edward before he left again and him trying to convince her its not a dream and he does love her and her realising that, so i see what you mean when you say rushed but still we both love it all the same

Great points as always

Gem xx ~ Dogs are loyal and lovable...remember?

Dear Steph, Gem, and Tara,
Great Book and Great Movie. The interesting thing is that I preferred the book for the earlier part of the story. With Stephanie's description of Edward's departure and Bella's agony. And I preferred the book in the end of the story, especially Stephanie's WONDERFUL reunion scene on the plane and as Bella wakes up. But Taylor and Kristen did such a wonderful job in the middle of the story that I significantly preferred the movie for the main part of the story.


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