The Twilight Saga

oh. my. gosh. after all these months and months and months of waiting new moon it's finally the night that its out! (unless you went to some kind of advanced screening)

when are you going to see new moon?

i'm going tonight!

i think after we see it we should talk about how much we loved it!

hope everyone has fun at the movies!
-sara :)

New Moon Movie and Twilight Movie

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I know i'm seeing at 12:01 am!!! cant wait. ive got all my twilight saga stuff on.. after the movie we deffinitely have to talk about it!!! i hope it is as good as the book!! But before i go im going to watch twilight again with my friend (she has red contacts!)
thats exciting for you!
im going tomorrow night!
but hey, thats better than nothing!
I'm going tonight to see Twilight one last time on the big screen and than tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening it's.........NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm waiting to see it with my family tomorrow@4..We're picking the girls up from school and then to wait at the theatre..I'm also going to see it at 7 with some gals from work!I'm going to clean tomorrow,since I'm keep my mind off of NewMoon.To keep myself occupied.LOL..I'm SO very ready for some sexy,sparkly vampires!!In the words of my dd:yum,yum,drool,drool:)
i've watch it! its amazing! ;))

here in the philipines its jst a onetime viewing,, if you want to watch it again.. you must buy ticket again.. amp!
such a great movie... i dont have the words for how great it was
I honestly love new moon.. but I was really bothered by the scenes towards the end of the movie.. they are kinda messed up really. I dont know if it was just me, but I'm quite disappointed with them cut cut cut a lot of details.. and the "bella, marry me" cliffhanger just don't work. everyone in the cinema was boo-ing. 2hours just isn't enough.. but nonetheless.. the movie was great.. jake's hot, bella's really beautiful.. funny alice and I liked it when Charlie picks on Bella.. EDWARD.. well he's Edward.. and I love him!
i so agree.... they jacked the whole ending up... didnt jake turn her in with the motorbikes??? wasnt she grounded....what the one booed but they screamed. i was kinda mad at the fact the messed that up.


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