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at first i thought the same thing (about bella not supposed to know its jake when shes with laurent) but they are different scenes you can tell b/c bella is wearing different clothes when jakes turns to a wolf and when she is in the meadow with laurent.
it's really great... i'm looking forward to see the movie... Jake (Taylor) is soo hot... when he turns into a warewolf... reading the book i felt really sad when edward left... i guess i'm goig to be depressed when i see the movie... can't wait..,
I definately cannot wait till it comes out!! I luv the part when Jacob turned into a wolf.
CAN"T WAIT !!!!!!!!!
CAN"T WAIT !!!!!!! More please?
ooooooohhh myy gooooddd
taylor lautner is sooo gorgeous!
i loved it!

1:25 -1:35 ahhh-mazziiiinggg!
:) no words for it!
i liked it but....they messed it up already b/c they are supposed to be in the meadow and the whole pack is supposed to be there and bella isn't supposed to reconize jacob...but other than that i cant wait they did good in the begining...CANT WAIT!!!!!
yeah same
it was okay...idk sumthing jus seems off but i cnt put my finger on it....dnt get me rong itzz iight..n im buyin ma tickets mad early...buut ya CUDA BEEN BETTER...


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