The Twilight Saga

TEAM JACOB will love this pic!!! :))))

its looks like they're going to kiss but we know that won't happen!! hahahah

and inside the house of BELLA with ALICE and i dunno y jake is there heheheh

sizzling hahahahahah

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guess what scene is this picture!! :) i can't figure it out there's too many scenes in the book that they're in Bella's car!! :) hmmmmmmmm
hmm. i think the scene where alice and bella is inside the house. well, i think that one is when alice visited bella. i'm not sure. but i think that's the scene.

go TEAM Switzerland!
oh is that so.,.,. :) sorry hahaha my fault
i don't know it could fit in so many spots...
yeah its too hard to find out.,.,.,.
lol! they are making lots of changes but if they add a kiss i'll personally kill them hahahahaha
i would too
yeah!!! u would too!!

the kiss should be in eclipse!!!
I would kill them too!! but i am team edward all the way!!


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