The Twilight Saga

i've watch it!
its amazing.. you all must see the movie too! ;))

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is it similar to the book? what r some major diffenreces?
i cant wait to see it! it comes in my country in 5 days!
I honestly love new moon.. but I was really bothered by the scenes towards the end of the movie.. they are kinda messed up really. I dont know if it was just me, but I'm quite disappointed with them cut cut cut a lot of details.. and the "bella, marry me" cliffhanger just don't work. everyone in the cinema was boo-ing. 2hours just isn't enough.. but nonetheless.. the movie was great.. jake's hot, bella's really beautiful.. funny alice and I liked it when Charlie picks on Bella.. EDWARD.. well he's Edward.. and I love him!
I wish that Melissa Rosenberg who wrote the screenplay for New Moon could have had more time to tell this beautiful love story. She had to condense it too much and at times I thought that I wasn't watching New Moon. But I still loved the parts that were true to the novel.
omg it liked but the cliffhanger was bad didnt like it oh the part were the fight of jacob and paul was out of order
ima go watch it tonight so i hope it's as good as people say it is! can't wait!


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