The Twilight Saga

Does it ever bother you Edward fans that he is a fictional charecter?

I have read & re-read the twilight saga & everytime i read it i fall in love w/ Edward all over again, dream about him & even think about him.

Then i realize he is just a fictional charecter in a series & guys like edward dont exist. It makes me so sad :(

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wow 35 times! thats a new record lol & yesss agreed Edward is the fantasy R.Patz is the reality & he is pretty damn hott!!!!
Yes, yes it does.
if only enough men did, we'd be pretty content !
THAT IS THE POINT OF A FANTASY! To fantasize, to imagine you are the heroine in a story and you have the love you've always wanted....perhaps because she was so able to pinpoint on all of the little things that we women find endearing....went into the creation of Edward, let's think ...he was Born in 1901, so different from the Norms of today, however that doesn't mean he should be any more of a gentleman...dawgs are dawgs in any point in time. Look at romance novels, look at romantic comedies, the typical man is portrayed one way but the one that always gets the girl has redeeming qualities... maybe I am putting too much thought into this....Edward is Idyllic he has all of the qualities we look forward to having in our "other half"
your not putting too much thought into anything.... i don't disagree with you ...

yes Edward is from a differen't time
yes Eedward has amazing heroic qualities
yes Edward is a fantasy which makes him all the more easy to obsess over
Yes it really does bother me, I wish and dream that he was real, I wish every guy would be like Edward looks and personality x
if only if only


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