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Does it ever bother you Edward fans that he is a fictional charecter?

I have read & re-read the twilight saga & everytime i read it i fall in love w/ Edward all over again, dream about him & even think about him.

Then i realize he is just a fictional charecter in a series & guys like edward dont exist. It makes me so sad :(

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Yah I agree!!! I think it would be great to have a guy as great as him!!! After I read it the first time!! I kept thinking hmmm what is wrong with me?? He is just a fictional character!!! I wish he were real!!! I had the craziest dreams while reading the book series.. I am not sure why?? I was talking to my sister about it and we were saying that it is because it fills a void in your life that you are lacking. Hmm maybe one day we will find our own "Edward" That would be awesome!!!! He is the ultimate ideal for anyone!!
he is an amazing soul, there is no way he can't have one. I love him. I really do...

& yes i agree i'm lacking.........HIM!
we will have to be satisfied with having him in our lives as a fictional charecter but i guess thats better then not at all ;]
Thats why everyone loves him because he is put on such a high platform where no guy will be him, u just need to find a guy that has qualities like Edward trust me there out there!
No, I'm not sad. I found a guy with the most important Edward quality--the ability to admit he's not perfect and try to learn from his mistakes--
thats the perfect answer but somehow does not make me feel any better lol plus i think edward is pretty perfect...after reading the saga i cannot recall one event or mistake in which edward acted without thinking of Bella first or trying to protect the ones he loved
I agree, he does always have Bella's safety in mind, but he doesn't always handle things rationally or fairly. Even he admits that at several times throughout the books--like when he admits that leaving was the wrong thing to do, or when he admits that he was wrong to try to keep Bella from Jake.

The brilliance of Edward as a character, to me, is he learns from these things and adjusts his behavior accordingly. His desire to learn from his mistakes and be a better man is the quality I love most about him.
i see what you are trying to say but i cannot see how his actions were a "mistake" he did what he had to do in order to protect the ones he loved (primarily bella) that protective, selfless charecter is what makes him who he is..all he wants is for bella to be happy (as you probaly read at the end of eclipse when he doesn't get angry with her for having kissed jacob) Edward is pretty perfect in my book & him feeling that he needs to improve in any way is just part of his modesty which again goes back to him being perfect.
I understand why you feel that way. When Edward makes mistakes, he does so with the best of intentions.

Leaving is a prime example. His intention was to protect Bella, but she ended up devastated and (if not for Jake and the wolves, who Edward couldn't have foreseen) she would have been unprotected against Victoria and Laurent. I don't question that Edward had the best intentions--sacrificing his own happiness to protect Bella--but his plan wasn't the best one because, as he points out himself, it very nearly killed both of them.

He had the very best intentions when he decided to leave, but that doesn't change the fact that leaving was a mistake. As I said, the redeeming quality is that Edward realizes he isn't perfect and he's trying to learn from his past mistakes.
i agree that edward leaving was not the "fairytale" ending that stephane intended for us to have- & obvi him coming back is for the better bcaz true love cannot & should not be sacraficed- but edward suffering was still so that bella can live a normal/happy life without the vampire dangers (which indeed nearly caused her life in future books i.e victoria, nessie)

As far as bella's close encounters in new moon- it was all her fault. How could edward have forseen having to protext bella from herself?? plus i dont think its his job either- bella was looking for danger in new moon- thats all she did was look for "adrenaline" that reminded her of edward.

im still not convinced that edward made any mistakes but in fact acted selflessly in all occasions.
I knw! I read the series over 35 times and I still fall in love with him when I first read new moon the book I read very first! I was like this dude is like hot and so protective! I kept thinking about him butI wish he was real but rob pttz is hot too


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