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Do you think that the movie will turn out as everyone expects? I mean Twilight was good but they left out so many things and could have made it better in so many ways. No offence to Kristen but she didnt do that good of a job. She was so monotone throughout the whole movie and when she wasnt monotone she just over did the acting. Everyone says that Rob and Kris. have great chemistry but i just felt like they were kind of awkward towards each other. Well tell me what you thought of Twilight and what you expect from New Moon. What do you hope they improved? Do you think Twilight was great, good, or bad?

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well i thought twilight was good, but im pretty sure new moon will suck, bc in the trailers it kind of look like she is just a little to happy around jake
You havent actually read the books have you??
I liked Twilight. I think New Moon will be better because they will know their charactors better. I agree Rob and Kristine were awkward twords eachother, so because Rob isn't in this one nearly as much phisically Kristine minght be able to concentrate more.
ya, kristen didnt potray bella in any way. u dont know if she's confused or scared or sad. i dont know why she won the best actress award
I think its just a given that kristen is gonna suck! But other than that i think it will be very good! But who knows i could be wrong!
the movies are never what we imagined because we can be pretty creative and vivid in our minds eye we just hope and prey that they keep the memorible parts in tact and dont destroy the story for us
Maybe i am just playing devils advocate but i think Kristen was a great choice for the role. Yes she is awkward and quiet. That is how Bella is decribed in the book. Awkward, shy, can't relate to other people very well etc.

I don't even think Kristen acted throughout the play- i think its who she really is...considering the other movies iv'e seen her in.

So for Twilight-Kristen works

For her acting career- well if you can only portray the same emotions and just act as yourself, i dont think that it qualifies for being a good actress or deserves any awards.
Well they can't fit the whole book in a 2 hour movie right, so they take the best parts of the book and work around that.. And about Twilight I thought it was great.. I mean yeah Kristin wasn't the Bella we all drew up in our mind as we read the book, theres something about her that doesn't fit, but was Robert, was he the Edward you made up in your mind? The movie was as good as it was gonna get based on lots of things including the budget.. Now if they could stretch New Moon to like a 3 hour movie like some movies out there that would be great but then again it takes lots of money.. So for now I just sit back and wait 31 more days till the movie premiers..
Twilight movie was what started my addiction.....As i had not read any of the twilight saga before this. I liked the movie but reading the book was extraordinary . And the trailer's for New Moon are only what 6 mins long and it seems to cover every aspect of the the book i think it is going to be awesome!!!!! for me seeing the twilight movie before, reading the saga gave me the faces to the characters.
With Rob and Kristen and Taylor faces burnt into my mind I cannot imagine any 1 else portraying those roles of Edward, Bella or Jacob!!!!


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