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I have to say that I did like New Moon much better than Twilight the acting was better the story was closer to the book but I hate how they did not put the chapter: The Truth the way it was in the book because it showed Edwards sweet loving side, him really trying to convince that he wasnt a dream and how he stated he would spend the rest of eternity making it up to her. I still think that in new moon he isnt as tender and sweet as he is in the books... But I did love the movie...

What is your take?

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ohh yeah i forgot about that, its seems like they kinda rushed that last part of the movie
what do you think of how it ended?
I also agree they rushed the ending....the ending was one of my favorite parts in the book. I did like how it ended with Edward asking him to marry her. Awww!! I just LOVE Edward but I wish they would show how loving and sweet he really his.
The main thing I think they should have done much better was to show how what Bella went through when Edward left affected her physically. Having the camera moving around her as she sat in the rocking chair was a great way to show those empty 3 months passing. But, she should have looked worse as each month passed, so that by the time they stopped, she looked as bad as Edward did at Volterra. That wouldn't have taken any more time, just some makeup.

They also should have shown more of her holding her arm across her chest so she wouldn't fall apart. That was really important. They could have even done that without adding much, time-wise.

I think if they had done those things better, I could overlook anything else.

Other than that...I LOVED it! Well, actually I have to see it again to make sure! lolol
I agree with you about the holding her middle thing and her depression. main thing is at least it was better!
I completely agree.... they failed to capture the little things... I do think the ending was rushed.
I really like the ending, it leaves a opening for Eclipse. I really appreciate them doing it like the book it was 100 times better than Twlilight. Yea they left out some scenes but they couldn't do them all ya know
I did not like the ending lol I dont know its just not what I was expecting I mean I do love that he asked her its just not what I expected... But it was way better than Twilight.
at the end wen he said marry me n then it goes off me n my mates mouths were hangin open xx we cudnt believe they wud just end it lyk tht! we almost screamed for eclipse 2 b oout soon lol xx but we did luv it! :)
i saw new moon the other night i have to say i was disappointed they left alot of things out in the movie that was in the book like when edward convinces her that she isnt dead that he is here with her and everything just things like that but the acting was alot better in this one than in twilight i have to give them that but it would make the movie alot better if they stayed with the book but all in all it was good so lets hope that elicpse is right on target with the book.
i luved the movie! i agree though they shud av put tht chapter in as wen i was readin it i fort it was quite funny :) it wud av been kwl 2 c xx
I was a little upset about that too. I also love that chapter in the book, he explains how much he loves her and how much it pained him to be away. This movie was WAY WAY better then Twilight! I LOVED it!! It actually got me feeling sorry for Jake when I didn't in the book. Taylor did a great job as Jake, I'm very pleased that they kept him :)
I was amazed at how Rob portrayed Edward when after the birthday fiasco outside of Bella's house and she says it's my birthday.......can I have a kiss. And Edward kisses her and the pain that shows in his face at that moment was heart breaking. He realizes that things have changed and he must leave Bella.

The acting in New Moon was outstanding and I have to give the director, Chris Weitz a standing ovation!!!


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