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I have been so sad to see robert get mobbed by everybody lately is it making anybody else sad? I think if he and Kristen are together it would just be better to come out with it and maybe some of the hype would wear off. i would hate to see him burn out too fast. I just love him.

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There not a couple its all just rumours
they are definately a couple. anyone who spends the night together regardless of what they did without her boufriend around are seeing each other. Rob is even in tight with Kristens mom. I think they dont want to say anything because it may ruin the impact of the movies yet to come.
I believe they are couple, but they need to preserve their privacy...
yes i do think they need to preserve their privacy but just give them the pic they want and then still be private about it. right now they are being swamped just for that one pic.
Don't believe all the rumors you here. I don't think they are a couple. It would be so cliche if they were a couple.
there is no way that he would be so tight with her mom if he hasnt been hanging around for a while. why wasnt her biyfriend at the mtv awards? he never lets her go anywhere without him. Look at all the pics taken of them the way she looks at him is more than love.


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