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hey guys, i was wandering on the web lately -just as always!!!- and i found this Petition, it caught my eye because of some pics of rob i'd already seen earlier this week - you might have seen them too -

look at the torn jacket sleeve and the holes in his T-shirt i mean come on nobody wats to see picturs of rob this way so...This has to stop!

so here is the link just in case you'd like to sign it, i know it might not serve a lot but pap'z have to know that what they're doing to rob is wrong
pap'z must stop harrarassing Him i mean it's obvious that he didn't want to be photographed her!!

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he still good looking though.. i dont mind what he wears.. he is still my edward!!!
hmmm the papz are just doing their job and i agree with DOC he is still worth looking at even with that outfit! lol

well that petition would'nt help.,. showbiz is all about fame, money etc. so as long as rob is on the peak of his career he will never get rid of those papz sad to say well i pity him having no privacy.,., but hey do other twilight fans especially girls do that too? chase after him like a papz -i don't mean anything about it i would do it too he is so hot!- but i think it's the way things supposed to be.,.,.,

that's my opinion :)


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