The Twilight Saga

A. Twilight
B. New Moon
C. Eclipse
D. Breaking Dawn

Let' s see which of four caught the interest of all twilight saga readers. Please vote

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A. - Eclipse
B. - Twilight
C - Breaking Dawn
D - New Moon (only because it has the least action:) )
mine is
B, A, C, D

A. Breaking Dawn
B. Twilight
D. New Moon
1. A B C D
i love them all for different reasons!
i can't choose a favorite its too hard! haha
c, d, b, a
This is a hard question. Loved each, differently.

Twilight-love it because of the first love, intense love, impossible love-and because Midnight Sun makes me love EC more-if that were actually possible

New Moon-loved it because it changed me, forever. Broke my heart, ripped me up and then sent me soaring over Italy..this one effected me the most..and the hardest to reread sometimes. My life is on a different path because of this book.

Eclipse-loved it because Bella had Edward back again, and because there was not one moment of doubt they belonged together

Breaking Dawn-loved the wedding-the honey moon, the magical surprise. Jake book was full of emotion Bellas resolved, Edwards pain, Jake and Edward getting closer to being family, hilarious jokes and banter-still lol when I reread it...and of course the transformation...the love Stephanie gave to us....and of course the Volturi and all the other vamps (Siobhan my fave)

So, I guess for this I would say. 1-NM 2-Twilight and Eclipse and BD are a tie.....

i love all of them, it's too hard to choose! lool
A-breaking dawn - coz it is the most exciting and more cool parts...
B- eclipse- the new born fight is great, the lines of the character's where sooo funny..
C- new moon- third b'coz well i just like it more than twilight..
'D- twilight- well its good..

that's it... my fav book is breaking dawn and eclipse...the best book...
D - the bEst ;p hOpe there's more :'c
B - i fall in love with jacOb in hEre ..
C - i think bELLa had been sELfish here for LOving bOth edwArd and jAcob :c bUt cAn't bLame her dOes hAppen to us sOmetimes !!
A - it's awEsome .. LOL ;p
E - MIDNIGHT SUN ALL THE WAY BABY! Edwards mind is so much more raw and intriguing.

C - Eclipse - I loved this the most because this I believe is when Bella and Edwards love becomes so much more honest and concrete. It's also when Jacob becomes so powerful and more aware of his abilities. Not to mention the love triangle is at it's most stickiest in Eclipse which wrenched my heart out.

I CAN"T CHOSE BETWEEN THE OTHERS! These are my reasons why:

- Twilight was the beginning of it all how can I not love it. But I don't think it was my fave.

- Breaking dawn had some of the most suspensful moments in it but it was more about the fight, and not so much about the "love" as I would have liked. And there wasn't enough Edward for my liking. Edward was a father and i wanted to know how he felt about all this. It also ended too abruptly. There was build up to the fight but then it ended so quickly and no-one died (to have happiness we must have sadness), it felt a bit like a let down to me. BUT, wedding and honeymoon, wow.

- New moon was the beginning of my emotional attachment to the twilight saga. I felt every pain Bella was going through. Also because I watched twilight the movie but knew nothing about what happenned next, it made it more suspensful for me. And def not enough Edward! (but his abscence was neccessary).


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