The Twilight Saga

A. Twilight
B. New Moon
C. Eclipse
D. Breaking Dawn

Let' s see which of four caught the interest of all twilight saga readers. Please vote

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For me, its
A. - 2
B. - 1
C. - 3
D. - 4
D - Breaking dawn has the most in it and has a brilliant ending!!
A - You meet all the characters and it is a really good book!
C - The new born vampires hunt!
B - Love it but it is my least favourite coz it hasn't got much of edward and the rest of the cullens in it :(
For me, Twilight,Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, New Moon. New Moon only last b/c soo little Edward. OH and Midnight Sun is now my favorite!!! I hope she finishes it!
A. 3
B. 2
C. 1
D. 4
B- Because i like jacob and he is in it alot
C-because i like the action
D- Because i like How the volturi shows up
A- Because of the killing but it is boring
A. - twilight second b cuz it does not have as much action untill the end
B -new moon's my least fav b cuz edwards not in it which makes bella's life kinda boring and its too romancy
C - eclipse is my third fav cuz its very interesting like you want to know what is happening next like whats going to happen in breaking dawn
D - breaking dawn is my favorite b cuz u get to see what its like with bella as a vampire and as a mom
A - 1
B - 4
C - 3
D - 2

Please don't make me choose..I love all of them!!
but that doesn't mean that I don't adore all the seriies they're just varying degrees and which is most likely to be read again AND AGAIN without getting bored ...
a.breaking dawn
b. twilight
c.eclipse moon
breaking dawn
new moon


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