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Question: “New Moon, The Movie” OR “Twilight The Movie” Which one did you enjoy the most ? Oh and WHY?


“New Moon, The Movie” OR “Twilight The Movie” Which one is YOUR favorite

Question: “New Moon, The Movie” OR “Twilight The Movie” Which one did you enjoy the most ? Oh and WHY?

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Let me start by saying that I love the saga. But twilight the movie is not so great. I still rewatch it when I am bored, but the screenplay was a little off and the directing was not that great either. New Moon was awesome compared. Some say it was rushed, but it had to to fit in everything from the book, which was better than leaving lots out like the first did. The directing and acting were much improved. new moon is my least favorite book, but the movie is better so far.
I liked Twilight but I loved New Moon. It put to rest for me all the questions that people had about the choices of the charters. Now I know that Kristen is a wonderful Bella, Robert is Edward, Taylor is Jake and the problems with Twilight I feel fall on the director. It just seemed like this movie has a natural flow about it, nothing seemed forced. Everything that I thought was essential in the book made it to the screen and the added scenes looked very natural like they could have been there in the book all along. The only thing that I could complain about it how the wolf-girl (Emily) didn't have much to do ( the one scene didn't do her justice) and the marriage proposal at the end. Now if BD wont be a movie that question/moment is a mute point. On the flip side that may make people that don't normally read the books pick them up.
i think twilight
But I have not seen new moon
I need to wait for the result
i think that the best movie is New Moon. i mean, let's admit it, the Twilight one wasn'r really good, the scenes were sometimes odd, some crucial points of the book weren't in the movie, and even the make up looked strange on the actors. New Moon i think was better directed, although there might some some scenes i didn't really understand (like the bike one... i mean, why on earth did bella rode a bike with some stranger, and somehow it was a lil cut. and come on! what was that ending about?!). i have to admit that it was good, somehow a little better than what i expected.
i know that there are lots of fans everywhere that may not have liked the new moon movie because edward is gone, but let's admitit, it WAS the best one, and somehow they managed to fit in edward through all the loneliness. so all my votes go for new moon.. and i hope that eclipse is even better than this one.

new moon for sure!

the movie was amazing!
i liked the twilight movie but i loved new moon.
almost everything was the same as the book! and new moon was 'laugh out loud' funny!

i can't wait to see it again!

which do you like better doc?
Dear Tara, I know exactly what you mean. HOW HOW HOW did they find time in the movie "Twilight" to created a "green is good field trip" out of nothing and leave the MEADOW scene out!!!!!!!!!!! I am still screaming. And Jacob in Moon was WONDERFUL. He literaly became a different person. The closeness between he and Kristen was so real. And the wonderful thing is that since his character has become soooo much stronger, it will make Eclipse just that much better.But if there was one new message that "Twilight" taught the world it is "Don't drink compost water" Doc
Before, I LOVED twilight because of the excitement I had -- thinking of what would the characters be like in the screen-- for the first time they are going to release the movie but I feel that New Moon is better because the characters are much hotter and more convincing that before. Even the fun part of the book was a little neglected; I think it's part of the whole movie making - to make the story short so that the audience won't go sleeping inside the cinema. The soundtracks, for me, are awesome specially the Possibility by Lykke Li while Bella was being viewed lonely and ignorant to everything around her for several months and season, I honestly felt the sadness of the story and got teary about it because the lyrics of the song is so dramatic, though I know that she's going to see Edward again.

I hope the better movie for Eclipsed!!!!

Thumbs up for New Moon!

God decisions desicions!! i loved twilight because it was the begining of it all, Getting to know Bella and Edward and how there love began.
But new moon i think stepped it up to a whole new level!!I think new moon is the best for me personaly. Jacob was brought more into the story and i think even Edward was brought out of his shell in this film more.
The only problem i have now is that i now dont know who i love more Edward or Jacob?? I think its hard too understand how these two characters are completely different from attitude to looks and yet i can still love the both!! does any oneknow why that is??xx(ps think Jordan Sparks battlefield would of been a good song for the saga)
Just like I love Edward and Jacob for different reasons, I can't decide between Twilight and New Moon. Twilight, I think, has a very dreamy, almost eerie (like Edward) feel to it. New Moon has a warm sun like quality (like Jacob). Being a big fan of the saga, I don't think I can be fully satisfied because there is always sooo much more I would like to see, but then it'd be a four hour long movie....that would have been fine with me! I did love the added action to New Moon. The fight scenes were amazing! Even though the ending had some people groaning at it's abrupt end, I am now longing for Eclipse!
Jannet you analogy of Twilight having a misty dream like feel, and New Moon an alive and sunny feal was just superb, thx db
I liked New Moon, but the raw Mystique of Twilight and the almost urgent love Bella showed for Edward captivated me, to a point it allowed me to reminisce of love of old.

Thanks guys! You're making me blush! LOL. I almost didn't post because I thought my take on it might be considered silly!


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