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I don't think i can bare it when Twilight come's to an end.In time all fan's will have moved on and will be focused on something else. But life goes on and at the end of the day it's given me a new up beat approach to write my second novel.

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i luv twilight cos it can give you hope that even if you're not perfect and super special u can find luv. lol sounds cheesy but yeh :)

some ppl think its unhealthy to love it so much, but its not taking over-it can sort of give u a bit of a guide but that doesnt mean it takes over your whole life.
I believe it doesn't matter if your the model looking girl, long straight sleek hair, perfect skin,to die for body,great smile or have money.You are who you are.Nothing matter's more than feeling confidant and sexy in your own sexy.Guy's too. When the person of your dream's walks into your life it doesn't matter if there flawless or strong in the phyiscal sense because they will be perfect to you.People's flaws are what make them perfect.
I agree Vegetarian Vampire. Cathrine HardWick said that the world of Edward and Bella will make it even harder for girls to date " normal "guy's. They now have to live up to what we want from a guy and be more like Edward.
I agree in the sense that i think it's rair you find a guy who is sensitive,sweet,caring,well educated and put's you first above all else,but look's to me isn't really that important.The reason i'm drawn to Edward is because he speaks alot with his eye's and look's then with word's.
You tok the words right out of mouth. Maybe that's why the books and the film is so big because Bella is described as the girl next door,and steph didn't want her tanned,blonde,skinny (Even though she is slim).
Wel if your read it your in for a world of love, torcher, mistery,wanting, feeling like you belong there,alway's wanting more and why's.Plus it leave's you to day dream and focus on that kind of undying romance. You will be inspired. If you feel you can't handle the not knowing or you crave for something in your life but don't know what then take a chance.Try reading about four chapter's of Twilight, or watch the film but reading is far more effective and worth it. Get back to me.

are you writing to yourself?


I don't think Twilight should affect us this much because frankly, I don't think it's healthy. The stupid problem is that it DOES affect me that much and I really wish it didn't. Reading the Twilight saga means a lot to me and I seriously wish I couldn't be affected this way by a bunch of ink on some dead tress tied together with string. Nevertheless, Twilight has a huge impact on me.
Book's arn't just about dead tree's and ink on a page.There about a new life.A new beggining. A real eye opener.
More fantasty's to dream about and want to bring to life. I think the reason why The saga's have brought alot of people together to disguss and to dream is because the story is so realistic even with Vampire's and werewolf's in.We all relate to Bella in someway or other,and to the outsider Cullen's. Thankyou for your replay.
Don't feel bad Stacy O. Many of girls are in your situation. I couldn't have a proper night's sleep for day's after i read the first,second,third and fourth book. All i kept thinkingwas " I wish someday i'll get to meet someone as special". Turn all that energy you have and do something about it.I've put mine into my novel,and art work. Hope my advice help's.
I cannot imagine twilight saga's end....I mean I do have my fanfics and I willl write more. And as for the movies the breaking dawn will be a movie to be discussed for a while. I cant see my self for far away when I wont have something twilight to expect...
Ugghh I Know.. I won't be Able to stannd it when the last movie comes out! I absolutely love twilight and i wish there would be more of it (:


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