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ı saw lots of comments aspecially youtube and lots of peoples comments wrong match or she's not acting when bellas reaction in the you agree ?? or not ?

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I do
I agree about Kristin play Bella she plays bella right in the twilight movie
I like the way she plays Bella. But then again, I can't think of anyone else that fits the description of Bella.
In my opinion...Kristen Stewart isn´t Bella...! I think she should be more shy, more delicate... She´s not how I imagined Bella to be when I read the book... Who knows...maybe her acting will improve in New Moon.
I really like her as bella I thinks she is what I imagined really well and I enjoy her as bella I don't think I can imagine anyone else well see how she does in the future movies especially wen she becomes a mom hmmmm ganna be interesting!
I thought she did good with the part. But I thought both her and Rob Patz seemed a little to tense in their rolls. I am hoping it had more to do with the director of twilight then the actors themselves and that with a new director Kristen and Rob will be a little more comfortable in their rolls!
I agree. In twilight she cannot act. But in like panic room she's good but for some reason she sucks in twilight. They should have had someone else. But maybe its not her fault. It could have been the director telling her to act awkward and weird
i think shes just fine at playing bella and so do the directers or else she wouldnt have goten the part.
she is an ok bella but she is much different than the bella in the book in the book bella is kinda more whinny if you will bt not soo much on screen.
but i hope the acting gets better with the next books/movies now that the actors know what there in for
i do agree but i think its because i have very high expectations from her because of her role. but some of the faces she pulls are beyond strange.
i think that kristen stewart is a good representation of Bella. i mean shes a pretty good actress. in twilight she was cute, and now in new moon shes gorgous. just imagine how she'll look in eclipse and breaking dawn, especially when she becomes a vampire then she'll be unbelievibly beautiful. im saying this b/c i think shes hot but in all seriousness she needs to be a little bit more clumsey and work on her reactions a lil bit.
it's a load of crap! she's PERFECT!


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