The Twilight Saga

which vampire powers would you most like to possess without becoming an actual vampire?

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i think that the speed would be pretty cool. i'm not exactly all that fast. although, the coordination might be nice too.
yeah, seeing the future would be pretty cool.
hmmm.. for sure mine will be like rosalie's.. hahahah
Carlisle's compassion....or Esmes ability to love...or Siobhans ability to make what she wants come to be...
I think it would have to be ..
renesme's gift , seeing the future and super speed
wow nice question :) do we have to pick out from the ones in the books?..
if so, then emmmmm.... mind reading.. and compassion.. self control.. these are my favourites.. i really like jasper's ability too.. oh and i would love to manipulate the elements.. fire perhaps..or water..

but if i really really had to choose.. then i would go for seeing/hearing/feeling what's really in someone's heart/mind/soul and be able to affect feelings like jasper.. so it is more of a combination..


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