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this was just a joke between me and my friend: if, at a sleepover, James jumped in your window, what would you do?

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Me too.
same!! Or id think i was dreaming then have a moment of amazed-ness then be pretty scared then want to be turned :D
i'd try to run from the room as fast as possible trip over something (my feet) and probably get bit by James then try to run away again. it would be really cool if that worked because then i would have escaped James, and get turned into a vampire.
yes. i would love to be turned into a vampire. but there's just three things that would be bad. 1. the physical pain that comes with changing, 2. i'd have to hide myself from my friends, family, pretty much all humans until i passed the newborn stage and 3. i'd be that fifteen forever. i'd at least like to wait a couple of years, that way i can drive.
my friend said she'd run but push me in out of the way and probably toward the sadistic vampire before doing so.
Stab him with a steak right through the heart then let Edward burn the pieces. he he
that's funny.
scream, then beg him to bite me
run like hell and hope 4 an edward to save me
I have a better one!!

IF Edward jumpen through your window what would you do?

Personally id be exstatic and probably stop breathing and also want to be made a vampire and hope to take Bella's place but then again that couldnt happen those two are pretty inseparable then again it cant happen coz it wouldnt lol
that's a good question. for me i'd be kind of surprised because he jumped in my window, but i see his face everywhere i go, so, it would wear off quickly. i do agree with you, though. i would ask him to turn me into a vampire. sadly, he'd probably say no. :(


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