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Was Jacob Black "Too Young" For Bella Swan ?

Introduction: There is a famous old saying "Maturity has nothing to do with Chronological Age." History is replete with some very young people who were very mature: Joan of Arc was a military leader at 15, Juliet died at 13, Nero was still an "emotional and psychological" child when died at 31. Caligula was going through his "terrible two's" when he was 29.
Which brings us to the question:

Question: Was Jacob Black "TOO YOUNG" for Bella Swan ?

As always, I sincerly, look forwad to learning your opinion.

Most Sincerely,
Doc B

PS: I hope you enjoy the new photo sections of my discussions, I would like to thank my friend "Rose" for teaching me what an interesting influence they can have on a discussion. DB

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good question, I've often wondered that myself. In some ways yes, in some ways no. The main reason I say no is that in a discussion between Edward and Bella in Twilight, when they are talking about age, Edward finds it hard to believe Bella is old for her years, which is another aspect of Edward and Bella's bond for me. She often takes the role as a parent with both Renee and Billy, so again old for her years, this for me put a bigger yes that Jake is too young. But, in many ways Jake is older in his years to understand love the way he does you can't do as a child, or rather a teenager, and at the end of Eclipse he shows just how adult he can be when he says he ll let her go and just be her friend. We. Know too he looks after Bolly too but not the same way Bella does her parents. But I a lot of times throughont the book I do see him as more immature, the comments he makes, the things that he does for instance when he shows Edward the thoughts of Bells when Edward left, telling her he hoped she'd die, when she told him about changing. I know he loved her but, those aspects are when his immaturity comes through, even on the wedding day, when he gets angry about Bella and Edwards honeymoon a mature person would try and reason not react so badly, not even with the werewolf in him.

So in my opinion I think yes he is too young, if Bella was a normal teenager then probably not, but for the Bella Swan we have yea

Isn't Jacob supposed to be two years younger than Bella?
Just over a year I think
deppends on the book but he is 16

15 in Twilight. It makes him 2 years younger than Bella.

that is an exalent question i have wondered that but he matured by taking care of billy like bella took care of her mother so i do not believe that he is too young for bella he is physically about 25 beacase he is a werewolf/ shape shifter as aro calls him beacause they are not the children of the moon beacause they can willingly chane when ever they want but gemma J has a good point and in way's he is imature young and childish but no i do not think he is too young for bella

love: alice cullen
You make some really good points and they do make a lot of sense too, I do agree with some to but, I just do at some points see him as too young, and totally if Edward did not exsist he probably would of been made for Bella, I think he matured more towards the end of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I just don't see them in the same mind set if that makes sense
I think that yes, literally Jacob is two years younger. But he is wiser and smarter than the adverage 16 year old for sure. So his maturity made him older than Bella theoretically speaking. Does anyone else believe they could have been together dispite age difference and it would have went unknown?
I don't feel Jacob was too young for Bella, because Jacob was Bella's soul mate in regard to her human life.
Jacob was just not Bella's choice because the moment she fell in love with Edward she wanted to give up her human life to be order to be with Edward. To me the question is more about choice than age...because the bond between Jacob and Bella was incredibly strong. Even thru the stupid things that Jacob did...nothing caused a wedge in their relationship. Was Jacob immature in some situations? Yes. In my opinion, Jacob had enough, Love, Knowledge, Loyally and determination to make a lifelong relationship with Bella work...if Jacob was Bella’s final choice.

Two Futures, two soul mates…too much for any one person.
Bella Swan, Eclipse Chapter 26 pg 599

He’s like a drug for you Bella. I see that you can’t live without him now. It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun.
Jacob Black, Eclipse Chapter 26 pg 599
TWO soulmates? ... Impossible.

I can see why you would say that.  But if you consider that Bella was in love with an imortal and a's not that far of a leap.

And...Stephenie Meyer wrote it herself...two soul mates...the choice was Bella's.

I do think that Bella belongs with's just that she had two paths to choose from.


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