The Twilight Saga

Which would you rather date? A Vampire or werewolf? Which one do you think would win in a fight?

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I would date a vampire because only a vampire can love u forever!
I love the Cullens!!^^
Hey,I think a vampire. Not a werewolf,to much hair,would not smell good when wet! Vampire beautiful and smart.
I don't know!?

I think it would be cool to date someone who sparkles BUT
I hate being cold ( that's where the werewolf comes in ).

I think it depends on how long they have been like that. Younger vampire= stronger; Werewolf= how long they have been fighting

But I think the VAMPIRE would win 'cause I like VAMPIRES (WEREWOLFS are cool to but I LOVE Edward).
a vampire, of course, are so fast, beautiful, intelligent. decided I prefer a vampire.
Vampire! It depends on what vampire and what werewolf but i think the luck leans more toward a vampire. Especially those who have special talents like Edward and Alice and Jasper and Jane and Alec...
I woul rather be a vampire, first, edward is so hot, second, they are really fast, and third you shine on the sun


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