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Which would you rather date? A Vampire or werewolf? Which one do you think would win in a fight?

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A Vampire because I've always had a thing for Vampires even when I was young, I think a Vampire would, they are so fast!
For the fight i think it would depend on if the vampire had a power. but if they were totally ordinary than i think the wolf would win

i would want to be with a vampire... they are cool. and then if i got turned into one it would be awesome cuz you would have all that speed!!!! yah it would basicly rock
A Vampire! I am obsessed with vampires. I love vampire books. If anyone likes them too you can read The Southern Vampires books. I really liked them. Of course, the books are not as good as Twilight but all of you that are as obsessed as I am with vampires might enjoy them :)
definatly a vampire!!! they r awesome!!! and ya a vampire like edward wuld totally winn lol
Kkkk, Deffo Vampiire Boyyfriend, who could say different after reading teh Twilight series..? Annd a yound vampire would loose gainnst a wollf, but a vamp liek Edward would win!
Totally a vampire. They are cuter and are more mature. I think a vampire would win a fight. they have streangth, the sucking blood, and they're fast.
because jacob is a werewolf
hehehe =P
I would totally rather date a vampire. As for the fight question i thin kit depends how many there are. Bottom line, werewolves only exist to kill vampires

Vampire totally cuz Vampires sparkle XD and a vampire would win
well... this decision is difficult to take... because both species are able... but I think that vampire could win in a fight :D because they are more fast and they have skiller than the others, and the wolfs have to move on four legs haha... I don't like the wolfs, so... I give the battle to win the vampires haha... I really would want to be one :D


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