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ı think that trailers are very nice but when ı saw jacob like that .ı tought that he's a little bit show off don't you think?

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Ummm no! Lol I feel like he's just really proud and excited about this movie at leasy he will talk! The rest of them kinda just mumble sory don't get mad lol I love them all im just sayin att least he's vocal about how exciting he thinks the new movie will be
I know! I totaly agree with u!
No I <3 Jake
show offf
he has to be if he wants bella
Don't be mad. He didn't win bella's heart even though he show-off.
I AM TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY, but it is true, Taylor is much more comfortable speaking in public than most of the rest of the cast. he has a confidence about him that allows him to be able to put more than 2 words together to make a coherent statement, and, that might come off as "show-y", and he does have a gorgeous smile. that being said, he is NO Robert Pattinson or EDWARD for that matter, and hey if my dh had a 6-pk like that, i would make him walk around without a shirt all the time.
I think Taylor is just closer to he ages of most of the teenage fans; he can see their perspective better. I could immediately see he appreciates Twilight's fans more so than the rest of the cast. if it weren't for the fans, they wouldn't have a job. I understand the need for privacy. I'm team Edward all the way. I hate the character Jacob, but appreciate Taylor the actor.
I couldn't agree more. But he worked so hard, I'll give him a break. I'm just hoping he's not top-less throughout the whole movie.
he has to be show his body becuse bella in book describe his body every details .of course this body part doen't mean show to us like that that's why we have got a body part but not like that :) we can say
yes do think that jacob is a bite of a show off


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