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its when jacob was about to kiss bella then the phone rang he answered thought it was carisle but really was edward but this time he gave it her.

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Jacob needs to give the phone to Bella when Edward called her.Edward loves Bella and Bella loves edward so much
omg, that'd be awesome
~~um i think that if that had happened they would of nver really gotten back together no matter how much they loved each other cause if Edward came back and seen bella with Jacob he would've never interferred because she was going on with her life....and if Edward herd her voice over the phone he wouldny have said anything and he just woould of hung up the phone so yah im kinda glad that he didnt give her the phone because that gaveher reason to look for him and thats the reason why they got back together~~
if he gave the phone to bella, i bet ms. meyer wud hav to come up with a different story.. the volterra thing wont have a connection if that's the case.
jacob dint even know that it was edward on the phone he thought it was carlisle....but anyways if he gave d phone to bella both of them wud never have been back togethor otherwise meyer wud have to cum up wid a different story and then the voltera thing wudnt cum in n edward wudnt say d romantic thing to edward which was the best part of d whole book.....
i wished jacob gave the phone to bella to talk to edward when he called and alice showed of seenn edward call bella before jacob pick up the phone and told edward charlie was at harru clearwaters funeral
that would be rather dull...
i dont know what ur talking about?
I thought he should have that would have saved so much trouble but then we wouldn't of had that exciting ending!
if he gave the phone to bella they wouldnt be together bella wouldnt go to italy and she m,ay never see edward again


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