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What scene do they have to get right in new moon ? And also what scene do you most want to see in New Moon ?

Discussion KSNM11/11/09 By Doc B
Which New Moon Scene do they HAVE TOO GET RIGHT For You ! ! !

Introduction: Some “Twilight” movie fans were disappointed with the “Meadow Scene.” That is one reason it is going to be re-shown as a “flashback” In New Moon. So……………..


.Question: What scene do they have to get right in new moon? And also what scene do you most want to see in New Moon?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."
Most sincerely,
Doc B ,

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I will completely agree. This is definitely one of the scenes I can not wait to see :D I would also like to see the part were Jacob finally turns into a wolf, or shape shifts into one, considering they are not truly werewolves.
i love every bit of the movie ..... except the changes they made that wernt in the bokkk .... i dont have a favorite!!! i love them all!!
I agree with you on the whole bedroom scene, they really need to make that perfect as well as the flight from italy and when she goes with him through the forest to his house. I really hope they end the movie well and do the book justice. the chemistry between the actors is awesome.

this is could be a list

things they have to get right

they must get the epithany she has before the vote,
the vote,
the flight back from Italy,
Bella's dream from beginning
Rosalie apologising
The bike seen at the end
bella in the meadow before Laurant turns up

what I'd like to see most of all

the vote
the flight back
the phone call between alice and jasper on the plane,
Bella being pleased to see alice
we know the party is in there and the break up scene
you the vampire girl? You the wolf girl?
Edward after Bella saves him he says about the volturi being quick
Edward hiding in the closet
Bella telling Jacob for him to tell Charlie that she loves him
I'd like to see bella go to the house too

I think almost covers everything

Two scenes are prominent for me...

1.The “breakup” scene. Obviously, this is something I have visualized in my mind, but to see it in reality.

2.Saving Edward, in Italy. :-)
that is so true about Jacob picking up the phone. Big part in the movie.
That will be a great scene I hope it is in the movie, not just the vision from Alice
the scene they just HAVE TO get right is everything after they leave the Volturi tell the end. That is my favorite part of the book. From Bella trying to stay up to when she doesn't believe Edward is real and he kisses her when she says that she still wants him to the VOTE. Yea all of that. LOL.

And the one scene i really want to see is her runnign b/c no matter how times i have read that book my heart still races when i read it. So i would really like for it to do the samething
All of them :)
certainly Volturi, the ultimatum of the marriage and the vote. If they get the end wrong or change it too much then the other 2 movies won't be the same either.
I'm looking forward to seeing all the scenes. Just as longs it does the book justice.
I agree. I hope that the movie is just as spectacular as the book is.
I want to see Jacob's transformation and the rest of the pack. But I can already tell by the trailers and teaserrs it will be nothing like the book.......unfortunately. But they will all be hanging out without their shirts ;-)

The introduction of the Volturi in Itally. The budget for New Moon is so much higher than the one they had for Twilight, it will be 100 times better. I want to see how much closer they stick to the book. I am looking forward to the whole movie.

I can read all 4 books in a week so I have a little trouble keeping them all separate.


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