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Mine was when she jumped off the cliff?

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Mine was when Alice came back to Forks to see Bella.
When Edward saw Bella in Italy and thought he was dead. And everthing that happened in the minutes after that moment
I can't even pick a favorite, but I did like Bella's reckless moments, I so love her deep and total love for Edward, her willingness to put herself to harm just to hear a voice she didn't even think was there or real. I also loved when she went to Italy. I love it when Edward just lets his guard down and adores her endlessly. Love should always be this way, and the two of them make me believe it is still out there. Crazy? Not here anyway!!!
Alice is GREAT, and I just love how the Cullen's love Bella. I look at Bella as a daughter, since I am older. She's an amazingly strong girl in my opinion. And willing to risk all for Edward. How can you not admire that!
well, when Edward wasn't there, it's kinda boring for me.

i got excited and happy when Alice got back to Bella's house and then the rest of it.
mine was when alice came for a visit,,, that was a super grat surprise!
i loved it
specially because i was depressed, no vampire was in there
When She thought she was dead when they got back from Italy
i have two.... The whole seeing Jacob parts and the when she Has to beat the clock in italy I was jumping up and down n shouting (yes shouting at the book) SAVE HIM haha
My favourite part was the confrontation on the beach. It was sooo funny when Bella thought Jacob was a murderer and it al ended up ending well. It was so funny, I've read it like a million times! My other favourite part was the movie because that's where Jake made his promise to Bella which kept him with her.
The best part for me was when Edward took her to his place and they voted to makeher a vmapire!


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