The Twilight Saga

i thought the best book in the saga was new moon.

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i liked new moon best because of all the suspense of when edward was returning.
i couldn't put it down because i HAD to find out when why and how he was coming back to bella.
My favorite book in the Twilight Saga is...Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!
I couldn't put the whole saga down 'til I was found out what was going to happen.
4 days the first time I read them x 7 now.
So sue me!
I love Eclipse. It was great learning about Rosalie's and Jasper's stories. It gives a great new perspective on those characters.
i think it's new moon...

i mean there's a whole new experience in that book...

it's thrilling and exciting...

adrenaline rush...
new moon was so depresing and sad, i liked Breaking Dawn much better, cuze it was funny at times and had in it everything that good book ought to have.
i enjoy new moon and eclipse because in new moon there's a lot of suspence. Also, in eclipse there's so much thrilling parts


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