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Do you like it? …Do you wish you would have purchased a different edition?

I don't think it's fair there are so many different DVD's out there...

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I bought the Wal-Mart "Fan Edition" which included the "Forks" DVD as well. It was $29.99
lolol well i did not purchase a dvd... I downloaded the movie instead : D
I like all the stuff that comes with the DVD... The outtakes, the music videos, the ECLIPSE 7 min. trailer, etc.
lol tru... i am considering buying a dvd anyway... my downloaded version is poor quality and I want to see the 7 mins trailer of Eclipse! :)
Thanks! So if you got the Walmart copy...what extras came with addition to the 7 min of Eclipse?
The director's commentary, lots of outtakes, behind the scenes filming, fast forwards of Jacob and Edward, The Wolf Pack feature andEclipse. I think there might be something else, can't remember right now . . . at work :) Look it up online, it should give the description.
I got the Deluxe Edition from borders, I really like it, it came with a necklace, and extra scenes but it didnt have the deleated scenes :( I also went to the midnight release party at borders, it was really fun, they had like prizes and stuff
I got the 3 disc version from Target. I just received it today in the mail, so I haven't watched it yet. I will tonight when I do my big Twilight marathon. But I think I am going to be pretty happy with it. I like what the back of it says all the special features are.
I got suckered. I bought both the Walmart and the Target Version.

Personally I like the Target version better... There was more interesting stuff..

But the fast forwards for Edward and Jacob were kind of cool from the Walmart version.

I love it all.

What does the Target version have that's different?
i haven't got it yet but as far as i know Ireland (and the whole of Europe) does not have a wal-mart and sure as hell I've never seen a target shop, so i might have to put up with NO special features such as eclipse stuff (I'll probs get them off you-tube anyway but still kinda makes me feel fobbed off.*sighs) there will probably be some two disc version at my local HMV, i'll get that because my blue-ray player on my laptop stopped working :(
I think...the same items will be avaialbe in Europe..just at a later date.


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