The Twilight Saga

which do you think was better, the Twilight movie, or the book?

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yeah, sometimes my friends joke around and say that i'm nocturnal or something because i stay up like too late and still feel wide awake. i fall asleep, though, eventually. :)
hey do you have any camcorder---- i mean, siblings. Ugh! i can't read and type at the same time. i can't really multi-task.
yeah me's distracting but what's wrong with siblings?
nothing. i was just wondering because i have one brother.'s bound to happen and I can't stay up late! i don't know's 1 am I find myself asleep and i have to force myself to stay up late cuz i have a fanfic to finish and post here...
u still on primeval?
yes, sorry, i started reading again. but the thing said that there were other messages but they were under my name so i didn't think they were new.
oh! hey your school has not ended yet? i've been in the midnight sun group!
it's nice!
how old are you anyways? hey there's the second discussion started bye ice and it contains what 've been trying to tell you aboyt the comic com you can viw it right away it's awesome!
um, before i answer, i just want to know. did you fake your age so you would be old enough to do this?
no! of course not! why would i do that! I'm's not wrong!
i know i'm just saying i've seen people do that. okay well i'm almost 15. just, wait... okay today's August 1st so i will be 15 in 19 days. oh and i was watching the discussion thing you were just talking about so i'm gonna finish that and i'll get back to you when i'm done so just read or something. i don't really care.
okay! as you wish....


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