The Twilight Saga

which do you think was better, the Twilight movie, or the book?

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very true! the book is always better. i think that might just be because they take stuff out of the book that was in the movie. switch that.
weird. at school whenever i ask my friends they say the movie. well one of them did say because you don't have to read. personally, i think the special effects in the movie kind of sucked. especially when the vampires where running.
why is it that everywhere i go i see some sort of picture of Edward's face?!
the book, no doubt!
The book is better than movie cuz book has lots of action than the movie before Edward fell in love with Bella.
Defo book!!
then read it again!
the book by far
book..r u kidding me..I liked the movie..but it wasn't as good
Definitely. i thought the special effects in the movie sucked.
yeah! like they really kind of cut short the meadow scene which I think was really important because that's sort of what started Twilight.


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