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Edward: who was forced to leave Bella and then believed that she was dead
Jacob: who slowly fell in love with Bella and ended up losing her

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Edward wasn't forced to leave anyone, he just didn't weigh his options properly, that's his bad. Jacob doesn't really loose Bella, cause in Eclipse she admits she's in love with him. Go team Jacob!

I Seriously Think That Edward Hard It Harder. When he found Bella, she was his life, she became the reason he was alive like many times he said to her. He could do anything for her, and his life had a meaning thanks to Bella. He was alone for so many years and when he finally found Bella he was forced to leave her because she thought she was in danger with him. From The Look Of His Eyes, This Was No Easy Task Leaving Her. But Eventually They Were Reunitedd. so yayy! thats all that matters noww. :)
I think they all had it hard, because Edward was already weary of the relationship that was developing between Jacob and Bella. So not only did he have worry about Bella being around wolves, but the threat of being killed by Jasper and possible someone else in his family that couldn't resist the smell of her blood. I also think that Jacob had a reality check of the bond between Edward and Bella was unbreakable and how far they would go for each other and how much they would endure to be with each other.
After numerous reads of the series, I grew to so love Jake, and I am an Edward girl. I've seen the movie 3 x, and the last time, I cried for Jake's pain! He's such a real, genuine, warm, loving guy, and absolutely besotted with Bella. While Edward and Bella are soulmates, I can see how easy it would be to fall for Jake. I think they both went through incredible pain, but in the end, Jake's may be worse, because he doesn't get Bella, and it's so hard for him. I wonder, I may become Team Switzerland soon!!!
Naw, I love Edward too much! :-)
I have to say that it was Jacob who lost the most. He had fallen in love with Bella and his heart was completely hers. Edward made the choice to leave Bella, so his hurt was self inflicted.
Don't get me wrong I am a Total Edward fan and love him to death, both his character and him in real life!
Edward, Because he missed her the whole time and his heart was like torn. And he came back sorta looking worried. But Jacob was all kissing and going out will Bella. He had it loads easier.
Jacob. He totally had it harder because he was falling in love with Bella, and then she went and saved Edward and that totally changed Everything.
edward because he thought bella was dead so he went to the volturi and ask to kill him but they didnt so he tried to expose himself to the humans for the volturi to kill him and jaocb he sounded so sad when bella left to save edward imagine him in the movie he looked like he was about to cry! when he was a wolf!
I think Jacob personally. Having to watch the only one you love being owned by someone else must feel like each of your muscles being pulled out one by one.
i think in new moon they both had it pretty hard but the fact that edward thought she was dead kinda makes me think he had it harder. cuz if you think about it the whole time he was away he was suffering and then he finds out she is dead.

on the other hand jacob fell in love with her and right when hes about to get her she leaves him for edward.

in my opinion jacob didn't really lose bella until eclipse. if he believed that he has truly lost her then he would not have been fighting for her as hard in eclipse. he would have just let edward have her like he did at the end of eclipse. that is when he truly lost her. and bella kept hurting jacob over and over and over and over and over and over and OVER again!
jacob without a doubt had it harder in eclipse.
I agree with you.I think Edward had it harder.Don't get me wrong,I liked Jacob,too.Just hear me out.

Edward had to lie to Bella and watch her crumble and break down when she truly believed he didn't love her anymore.Then she's running after him,heartbroken.He can hear her footsteps.But he had to run away from her,battling with himself the whole time to go and tell her he was sorry and he didn't mean it.After that,he had to live for six months without the reason for his existence.When he was thinking about heading back to Forks just to check on her and see if she would forgive him and take him back,Rosalie tells him Bella just died.Can you imagine the heartbreak that must have made him feel? Especially that he left for she can be safe.He felt so guilty that she committed suicide because he left her that he tried to commit suicide himself.

Now,Jacob did have it hard.I can't deny that.When he saw Bella again after Edward dumped her,he saw her eyes were filled with despair and pain.And then he's falling in love with her,and he knows it,too.At the movie theater when they're watching Crosshairs,he's holding his hand out just in case Bella wanted to hold his hand.And then he's laughing at the gore in the movie in an attempt to show Bella that he can be tough and not weak.And then he tried to talk Bella into him,to get her interested.And then he turns into a werewolf and is told he was forced into this because of the vampires.And his best friend was dating a vampire.And then he had to watch Bella beg to take her back and say she might love him back if he started hanging out with her again.Especially when he tried to tell her he was a werewolf and feared that she wouldn't want to be his friend anymore.Then he watched her choose the person who left her torn and bleeding over him.And then she goes back to Edward like nothing ever happened!

But I still think Edward had it worse because if Aro wasn't fond of Carlisle and wanted him and Alice part of The Volturi Guard,Aro could have said yes to Edward's request.So if Bella didn't ram into him at the right time,he could have hurted her even more and he was probably thinking that the whole flight home.


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